Sheds For Sale


Our sheds are available in a large variety of sizes and fully customizable to fit whatever space you have for them. We can make it a small backyard shed for your garden tools and lawn mower, or we can make it a large barn for large animals or vehicles. We build attractive and functional structures for chickens, spacious buildings for dogs and small pets, and beautiful cabins. We also build garages with overhead doors. We can do just the basic structure so you can finish it inside, or we can do a completely finished interior. You can order a dog run to be added to the small animal shed, and you can order a porch built onto your cabin. 


Send us an email or give us a call to request an estimate of your cost. The more specific you can be about the way you want it customized, the closer our initial estimate will be to our final price. Please also include the location where you would want it delivered so we can include delivery in your estimate.

Contact: Susan 
Phone: 970-541-1056


The following are sample pictures of a few of the sheds that we can build for you.