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Shed move within your yard

Depending on the size of the shed and the access into your yard, we will either load your shed onto our trailer and move it to the new location, or we will move it with our self propelled shed mule/dolly. Our dolly is only 28 inches wide and easily fits through most back yard gates. Make sure there is access 2 feet wider than the shed from the current location to the new location.

Shed move to another address

Our trailer is specially designed to pick your shed up and and unload it at the new location without having to take it apart into sections. Our truck and trailer is very heavy and is 60 feet long, so it does not fit into most yards. If it does not fit or your yard is soft sod we will move the shed in and out of your yard with our shed dolly. Then we will load and unload it from our trailer in the street. It is absolutely necessary that we have access at least 2 feet wider than the shed itself from the street into your yard at both locations.

Preparing for your shed move.

We block and level your shed with concrete blocks and wood shims for sheds up to 10' x 16'. We block each corner of the shed up to 12 inches high to bring it to level.  A total of 8 pieces of 2"thick x 8"wide x 16"long blocks from Home Depot must be supplied by customer. Sheds 10’ x 16′ and larger must have a prepared and level site. We do not block and level sheds larger than 10' x 16'. 

 The shed will need to be completely empty and clean on the inside. On the outside everything needs to be moved away from around the shed so we can have at least 3 feet of room to work on the shed. If the shed is close to a permanent structure like a fence or house on one or 2 sides that is ok as long as you remove all items from between the structure and shed.

Please measure your shed before filling out quote request. Inaccurate information will delay your move! See illustration below for how to measure your shed.

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